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Enjoy Abundant Prosperity by Embracing Binaural Waves

Enjoy Abundant Prosperity by Embracing Binaural WavesThe brain is an organ with a lot of potential. The brain is even capable of unimaginable things. To enjoy abundant prosperity, one needs to unlock this massive power of the brain. Brain waves are the ones responsible for your thinking and they are controlled by external stimulus. These brain waves are determined by whether you are in a state of relaxation, learning or activity. The frequency of your brainwaves Read More


Passions Misplaced

Passions MisplacedThe core problem is not that we are too passionate about bad things, but that we are not passionate enough about good things.” -Larry Crabb

There is no shortage of campaigns to join; no shortage of evils to fight against. There are wars against terrorism, drugs, smoking, and hunger. When you think of these controversial issues, what are the images that flash in your mind Read More


Embrace Fear – Are You Kidding!?

Embrace Fear - Are You Kidding!?Seven Secrets for Inspired Success

Secret Two

The second secret is to embrace fear. New thoughts and the resulting new actions will naturally create fear. Fear, though, is nothing to be afraid of. I know this may sound odd but read on. To create a new relationship with fear what we must do it to think of fear differently.

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Performance Anxiety

Performance AnxietyBeverly had suffered from anxiety most of her life. As a child, she slept poorly and often had nightmares. She bit her nails and would chew on the skin around her nails until they were raw and bleeding.

Beverly had tried many forms of therapy, meditation and medication before consulting with me. She had a strong belief in God and prayed daily. Yet she was still anxious and could not understand the source Read More


Self Improvement eBooks – 4 Factors You Must Consider Before You Buy Self Improvement eBooks

Self Improvement eBooks - 4 Factors You Must Consider Before You Buy Self Improvement eBooksFor achieving success in life you always need a positive frame of mind. Many times you must have wondered how other people around you have manage do well in life whereas you are just struggling. Does it leave you confused and wondering whenever stories of the successful and rich people manage to reach their desired position in life?

Well, all their success is a matter of positive frame of mind which one can always Read More

Talent is Not Enough – There is More to Achieving Success

Talent is Not Enough - There is More to Achieving SuccessTalented people are dime a dozen. However, one separates himself from the pack when it comes to achieving something because of talent –plus…

1. Determination

The ability to endure the process till reaching the desired goal serves a huge effect to your quest for excellence. See people achieving? Though, you know, others are not that gifted, say, they got low IQ compared Read More


Enjoy Your Vastness Within

Enjoy Your Vastness WithinHave you contemplated the vastness of the universe, the oceans, the forests, the prairie, outer space? The Universal Laws hold that you are a part of the whole not separate from it. As vast as the Universe is, as vast as the ocean, forest, prairie, outer space is, there is the same vastness of possibility, potential and aliveness within humans.

When you appreciate the wonder Read More


Get Up and Take Action – Tips on How You Can Become a Doer

Get Up and Take Action - Tips on How You Can Become a DoerSome people are born doers. Others think about doing something but, at the end of the day, never actually get anything done.

So, how can you go from being a “thinker” to being a “doer”?

First, you’ve got to adopt the right mindset. People who jump up and take action tend to be very well-organized. They have an ability to move from one task to the other without much Read More