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Your Higher Self

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Your Higher SelfAs you read a book and focus on the content, there is another part of you that is aware of the fact that you are reading the book. This is your Higher Self, your Soul, the true essence of your being. It is the part of you that was with you before you entered into this incarnation and that will move on to the next phase of your existence. It is the portion of your being that sings the unique note that defines you and resonates Read More


How To Get Everything You Want With What You Have

How To Get Everything You Want With What You HaveIt is amazing how many people wander through life expecting that fulfillment and happiness will one day just fall into their lap. It’s as though if you work hard and sacrifice you will one day receive the reward like it’s a prize. The stark reality is that this is never what reality looks like, and if you don’t believe me ask any one over 60 years of age about whether or not they have Read More


Is Your Attention On Your Intention?

Is Your Attention On Your Intention?Why? is the best question. It is not what; not who; not where; not when; not even how; but the question “why?” that is the best source of both wisdom and power.

And this is the part that confuses most people… it is not the answers to the question, but the question itself that provides both power and wisdom. As soon as you begin to ask yourself why, you begin to accumulate both power and wisdom.

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Be Successful? What Does It Take?

Be Successful? What Does It Take?I just came back from Cuba, and I must say I had an amazing experience. I didn’t really mind that the Internet connection was terrible everywhere; it was just awesome to immerse myself in a vastly different culture. One thing I appreciated about the place was the fact that the natives are extremely friendly.

After just a few days in Cuba, I noticed that people on the streets are always offering Read More

Don’t Keep Your Anger Trapped In!

Don't Keep Your Anger Trapped In!I have often heard all the adults, the saints, the so called wise people preach about kindness, forgiveness, mercy, act of controlling the anger, but no one actually told me until what end. From where exactly should I stop forgiving and start avenging for all the wrong done against me, from which point onwards I should change being kind into being tough so that I don’t fall behind others?

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Enjoy Abundant Prosperity by Embracing Binaural Waves

Enjoy Abundant Prosperity by Embracing Binaural WavesThe brain is an organ with a lot of potential. The brain is even capable of unimaginable things. To enjoy abundant prosperity, one needs to unlock this massive power of the brain. Brain waves are the ones responsible for your thinking and they are controlled by external stimulus. These brain waves are determined by whether you are in a state of relaxation, learning or activity. The frequency of your brainwaves Read More


Passions Misplaced

Passions MisplacedThe core problem is not that we are too passionate about bad things, but that we are not passionate enough about good things.” -Larry Crabb

There is no shortage of campaigns to join; no shortage of evils to fight against. There are wars against terrorism, drugs, smoking, and hunger. When you think of these controversial issues, what are the images that flash in your mind Read More


Embrace Fear – Are You Kidding!?

Embrace Fear - Are You Kidding!?Seven Secrets for Inspired Success

Secret Two

The second secret is to embrace fear. New thoughts and the resulting new actions will naturally create fear. Fear, though, is nothing to be afraid of. I know this may sound odd but read on. To create a new relationship with fear what we must do it to think of fear differently.

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